Proud to Be a Plus-Size Bride

Why You Should Be Proud to Be a Plus-Size Bride

Whether it’s magazine articles, social media influencers or constant TV ads, the pressure to lose weight is universal. Brides-to-be in particular are almost coerced to look a certain way for what is supposed to be their big day, with a whole subsection of the bridal industry completely devoted to weight loss.

However, there are now more and more plus-size women stepping forward and refusing to shell out for bridal boot camp or juice fasts in order to shed the pounds before the wedding. At Lula Ann, we think that’s a great step forward. Curves are – and always will be – in, and every bride should feel comfortable on their big day, no matter their size or shape.

In this post, we’ll explore why and you can be a proud plus-size bride.

How to be a body positive bride

According to The Knot’s 2019 Fashion Study for Size Inclusivity, 50% of brides sized 12+ were self-conscious going dress shopping. One in four brides sized 12+ give themselves a pep talk prior to trying on wedding dresses. As we work towards an inclusive society, we hope that these figures change for the better. 

The first step on that journey is to acknowledge your body type. After all, acceptance is the first step to empowerment. Surround yourself with positive people who do not judge you on your size. Learn to love your curves for they make you, you.

Most importantly, don’t change yourself. Dieting and working out ten times a day is neither healthy for your body or mind. Your partner is marrying you because they love you for you – not a skinnier version of you. Remember that your wedding day is to celebrate love. It’s a day all about loving yourself as well as loving your partner. Don’t feel tempted to give into peer pressure by altering yourself. 

Comfort comes first

Never buy a dress which makes you feel uncomfortable. Although many brides-to-be believe that a tight wedding dress will make them look slimmer, it could end up spoiling your big day. You should be able to move and breathe with ease – while feeling comfortable about your body!

Work with a bridal salon that has plenty of plus-size wedding dress samples in stock. Remember that many dresses can be altered, so don’t be afraid to try on slightly smaller and slightly larger dresses that can be let out or taken in accordingly. Let the bridal salon know what styles you like and they will be able to make the experience as comfortable and as enjoyable as it should be.

We’re now seeing wedding dress brands and designers break the stereotypes when it comes to size, so there’s no harm in trying on different options to get a feel for what you like.

Wedding dress shopping

The bridal fashion scene has finally listened to brides. Gradually, more and more bridal salons are accommodating plus-size brides.

At Lula Ann Bridal, we are proud to carry the best selection of plus-size wedding dresses in Birmingham. We have a wonderful variety of fashion-forward plus-size gowns selected from each of our quality bridal designers. With sizes ranging from 18 to 30, we are sure you will find the perfect gown to compliment your gorgeous curvy figure. 

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